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Wrap-Around Dome Show By Threshold Animation Coming To China

Longtime 3D animation shop Threshold Animation Studios is partnering with Holovis Attractions to create Ocean Quest: The Immersive Adventure, China’s first 360-degree entertainment experience, to be displayed in a domed auditorium at Hainan’s soon-to-open Ocean Paradise Park. The show is designed to make audiences feel they are underwater, surrounded on all sides by fish and other sea creatures

“Immersive 360-degree dome shows are a relatively new form of entertainment that surrounds the audience with the media, creating a whole new level of a ‘you are there’ experience,” said Threshold Chairman Larry Kasanoff.

Threshold has created a somewhat similar immersive experience for the Madame Tussauds in London, but the Threshold-Holovis Entertainment joint venture plans a series of other media installations in China and elsewhere in coming years, Kasanoff said. The Hainan park is set to open next May.

by David Bloom, Deadline

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