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There Is Actually Going to Be a Tetris Movie

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After seeing all the ridiculous game-based movies hitting screens lately, from Battleship to Ouija, you might be thinking, Jeez, what’s next? A Tetris movie? Well, apparently that is, in fact, exactly where our culture industry has finally led us. According to Threshold Entertainment CEO Larry Kasanoff, it will be a “very big, epic sci fi movie," so if you were curious about how exactly they were going to dramatize a game about stacking geometric shapes, fear not. “This isn’t a movie with a bunch of lines running around the page," Kasanoff continued. "We’re not giving feet to the geometric shapes. What you [will] see in Tetris is the teeny tip of an iceberg that has intergalactic significance." Okay! What's next, a Candy Crush movie? (But seriously).

By Anna Silman

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